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Telecom News: AT&T Pioneers Virtualised Network Solutions

A breakthrough in the world of telecommunications loom in the horizon as AT&T sets to pioneer their virtualised network services. The company offers the groundbreaking global platform that operates in software-based architecture that highlights cloud-based features. According to online telecom resources, the year 2015 witnessed the debut and growth of concepts and trials for cloud-based platforms and network connectivity. Telco providers join in the bandwagon however AT&T is set to stay in the frontlines.


Events Leading to the Shift

The shift from hardware to software architecture in the telecommunications world is a major one. Network designs transition to software-based platforms and introduce various new technologies including SDN/NFV, cloud, and virtualisation. More and more businesses consider upgrading their systems to the new design to leverage their operations and productivity. The new telecom platforms and network designs address the needs of today’s customers for speedier services. They also cater to consumption models such as pay-as-you-go services.

AT&T emphasizes the changes in their global and marketing strategy for network connectivity. Senior VP of the company reiterates the dynamic flow of telecom from its more static form in the previous years. The main purpose of the new technology is to connect anything and everything in real time. The software-based network witnessed exponential growth in the wireless and broadband networks of AT&T.


Telecom Goes Global and Beyond

AT&T introduces their new Network Functions on Demand solutions and makes it available in 76 countries. The deployment of the tier-one carrier is one of the largest scales of its kind in a global setting.  The concept is that businesses can operate and connect to their customers and client with lesser and lesser hardware requirements. The network experience becomes more agile and reliable. Businesses flexibly manage and operate their networks with cloud-based platforms. Internet connectivity is the only requirement. The platform crosses out the requirements for wires and cables in order to connect to a large scale market.

Telecommunications and E-commerce


The service basically simplifies transactions in the world of ecommerce. The process of buy and sell becomes quicker and more effective. Network functions increase and become more dynamic to cater to different needs. Most importantly, cloud-based telecom allows more practical and budget-friendly connectivity. For instance, the platform is an opposite of the cumbersome, expensive, and time consuming hardware-based designs.

Software Migration and Cloud Zones

AT&T takes virtualised networks to the next level with its open-source software. The migration process transfers all wired routers and dedicated business-grade intranets to the virtualised cloud zones. In fact, the company’s own IT systems have already transitioned to virtualisation and cloud which started in 2015. The company expects to efficiently and completely run their IT apps from a software-based network before the end of 2016.